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Peace of Mind Plan Services


We will take the hassle out of your payroll processing. We will handle everything from entering hours to filing your tax returns. Payroll service fees will be a thing of the past since our Peace Of Mind Plan includes full payroll processing. The only incremental charge you will see will be a nominal charge for employees opting for direct deposit.

Human Resources

We will handle everything that needs to be done to manage human resources for you. We will make sure new employees are processed according to your guidelines including drug tests, background checks, I-9's, W-4's and benefit plan enrollments.

Accounts Payable & Receivable

You will have a private and secure internet portal or fax line to easily forward us all of your transaction items. Our personnel will process the information the same day and it will be available to you 24/7. You will always know where you stand and can even access it from your smart phone. You will have a dedicated account specialist who will ensure everything is processed according to your wishes.

Bank Reconciliation

All of your accounts will be reconciled and in balance at all times. Accurate and timely bank reconciliations are critical to every organization and we treat them accordingly.

On-Demand Cloud-based Reports

You will have up to the minute access to any and all financial information you desire including income statements, balance sheets, accounts receivable agings, invoice registers and cash requirements reports. You will no longer need to pay a CPA firm to prepare your financial statements since we do it for you.

Value Added Services


Our a la carte offerings include CFO advisory services art deeply discounted rates to plan subscribers. Our on staff CFO has significant non-profit experience and can assist in numerous areas including budgeting, long-term planning, capital campaigns, cost containment strategies and cash flow maximization.

Board Liaison Services

Our management is well qualified to act as the financial liaison and advisor to your Board of Directors. We provide concise and meaningful information and advice to Board members and our services help them to comply with the fiduciary responsibilities of being on a not for profit board.

IT Solutions

We can assist you in any number of ways with both our in-house staff and trusted service providers. Whether it's creating a web site or implementing a new estimating system we have the resources to help. This a la carte offering is project based and reflects a deep discount for plan subscribers.

About the Virtual Back Office (VBO) Plan

The VBO Plan is what sets us apart. We start with the Peace of Mind Plan with its state of the art technology and add industry expertise to provide one of a kind service. Every business is unique and so is our VBO offering. Services may include job costing, waiver & draw administration, workers comp audit assistance, web and e-mail hosting, buying strategies, insurance plan selection/negotiation and managed network solutions. All companies are different and our proposal will reflect what you need to run your business with confidence.

We strive to provide excellent service in all of your back office areas so you can spend more time in the field building your business and serving your customers.

With the VBO plan you will no longer need to employ outside payroll providers, bookkeepers, CPA's, tax preparers or IT firms. We offer it all for a fraction of the price you pay today.

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